Top 5 Kitchen Door Designs 2021: Trends and Anti-Trends

In the trendy kitchen design of 2021, there is less and less of classic style. Together with the classics, the more recent styles like Provence, Country and Loft are losing their popularity. In kitchens, people gather together, work on their laptops, play with their children, and play board games — it’s no wonder the kitchen is beginning to resemble the living room.

The focus is on rationality, technology, and ease of maintenance. This article looks at how modern kitchen doors have been transformed and which trends this year have a logical continuation, and which have been given the prefix ‘ex’. For 2021, the experts highlight 5 key trends for kitchen doors and furniture.

Expensive Minimalism

Fashionable minimalist kitchen doors 2021 can not be called ascetic, given the cost of its materials. Often kitchens are kept to a minimum in contemporary design. Minimalism suggests doors that blend in well with the principle of no unnecessary decor.


Concealed Doors

For minimalist interiors, concealed doors are ideal. It is with the growing popularity of minimalist interiors that concealed doors have gained widespread acceptance. The presence of a visible frame, architraves, and hinges is discouraged. The wide range of finishes makes a concealed door an elegant and minimalistic solution.


Designing Furniture without Handles with Push to Open

Don’t forget about the furniture! Modern cabinet doors can easily do without handles, in favor of a push-to-open mechanism. A gentle push on the front is all it takes to open a door and close it again. And some go further, using systems that open by voice command or palm clap. Depending on the situation, the cabinet door will either remain in its final position or open again.


Natural Materials

One of the most noticeable trends is the combination of wood (or its imitation) with solid matte surfaces in one set. The use of wood and stone is welcomed and realizes the desired close connection to the natural outside world. A wooden door combines with marble, granite, paneling, furniture, and wood flooring. This all brings the project to life and is particularly impressive on a large scale. Natural materials can be used both for interior and cabinet doors.


Wood and Color

We can say that the color scheme is inspired by nature. In vogue are muted neutrals and deep, dark tones. The white color is losing demand, preferring cream or light gray colors. Some warm and soft colors are also welcome:

  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • olive;
  • green.

The interior design trends that gained strength in previous seasons continue to resonate. Color of interior and cabinet doors as well as furniture is at the forefront. The color schemes in the kitchen door 2021 continue to reflect the themes of nature and try to be as harmonious as possible.