Decorative Interior Doors as the Hallmark of your Home

When furnishing a home, interior doors are of great importance. They serve to divide the interior space of a building. Their important function is to protect against cold, noise, and odors and guard the privacy of the residents.

Last but not least is the decorative aspect. Some designers are convinced that to transform the interior of a room, it is enough to change the interior doors. The exterior of such a door is an asset of the home.


What to Choose?

The modern market is represented by a wide variety of models. The increasing demand for folding doors increases requirements for their appearance and style, making these criteria one of the most important when purchasing products. Because of this, buyers are not so much concerned with the price as with the color, material, and style.

However, most customers have difficulty choosing the right color and style for doors. Experts recommend choosing a door leaf to match the style of the flooring, walls, or furniture. But what if the flooring is not the same in all the rooms of your home?

The same problem can also arise with furniture — do we really need to buy the same style and color furniture for every room in the flat or house? Or will you have to get a different door for each room? In these cases, the choice of models for your home should not be limited to traditional boundaries.

When it comes to design, let your imagination and good taste run wild. The range of colors offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers is so wide that it will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Choice of Color

First and foremost, products are chosen concerning the design of the living room, corridor, or hallway. These rooms are the first places where guests and owners of the house meet. Buying interior doors of the same color and style will not compromise the integrity of the overall room design.


Natural Color

Natural colored doors are a classic choice for the home. They will fit harmoniously into traditional and ethnic interiors. Products made in pleasant yellow-reddish tones will give the room warmth and coziness. For classic and baroque interiors, models in respectable light or rich dark colors (wenge, walnut, teak, Merbau, and others) will do. The darker the shade of the door, the more austere and formal the room will appear. Models with decor and stained-glass windows will be appropriate for classic settings.


Cool Tones

Laconic interior in modern style, loft, art deco, and minimalism will be emphasized by interior doors of cold shades. Such interiors don’t require sophisticated finishes and eye-catching fittings. In the modern style, a door leaf in a contrasting color is perfect.

They provide an unusual contrast to the room. Painted doors can also be incorporated into modern designs. They are coated with glossy enamel in various shades, from black to metallic. Products of noble color will also give the room a sense of lightness.