Best Designer Solutions 2021: Glass Entrance Doors or Wooden Doors?

One of the issues discussed by designers is the choice of modern design for doors in 2021. It is worth paying particular attention to. The entrance door shapes both the interior and the exterior of your home. Interior doors, when matched to the interior, can add exclusivity to a room. Both types of doors come in a variety of materials, formats, types, and sizes. 


Glass Doors

The glass design is another way of making your entrance door look authentic. French door designs have been particularly popular lately. If you think it will prevent you from having privacy in your own home, then feel free to use textured sheets of glass. Choose ones that blend perfectly with the textured exterior of your home and provide the privacy you need. 


Crittall Style

Crittall is room dividers made of glass and steel, which cleverly combine the function of walls and doors at the same time. They give the rooms an airy, three-dimensional feel. This makes them a fantastic find for modern, minimalist, and high-tech interiors. You can choose from a variety of opening mechanisms: 

  • hinged;
  • sliding;
  • folding;
  • telescoping. 

Different types of glass are used for filling: 

  • tempered;
  • frosted;
  • tinted;
  • reinforced;
  • mirrored; 
  • patterned. 


Sliding and Swinging Doors

Sliding glass doors in a single sheet is one of the biggest trends of 2021. The designs look light and elegant in their own way and are therefore not only recommended for large rooms but also small ones. They don’t take up space and let in more natural light.


Revolving Doors 

They are a model of ergonomics. Thanks to the ability of the leaf to rotate around its axis by 360 degrees, there is no need to think in which direction the door will open. It is suitable for any size of the room and the wide range of designs will give the interior the finishing touch it deserves.


Modern Wooden Door Design 

In terms of inspiration for all-glass doors and partitions, designers have not forgotten the natural material, which is unlikely to become obsolete one day. Wood entrance doors are an excellent choice for minimalist and ecological door design. A wide variety of wood species can be chosen. Rough wood doors help to hide any imperfections. 

Such wooden doors under the ceiling will look incredibly expressive next to a brick or concrete wall. You can also add decorative touches of metal or glass. When a door looks like a real work of art, there is no doubt that it is a so-called Jali door design. In 2021, trendsetters are pushing for the active use of wood structures and suggest targeting the following trendy solutions:

  • doors with a blank leaf decorated with 3D carvings;
  • doors with natural geometric patterns on an exposed wooden surface;
  • plain and smooth surfaces in the color of the walls;
  • monochrome painted panels without glass or inserts with a traditional design.